Planted Aquarıum


Plant Plus Full Spectrum Planted Aquarium Armature

Model Name LED Chipset Colour Aquarium Type
Plant Plus Pink Full Spectrum + White Full Spectrum + White (7.000 K) Red + White Planted Freshwater Aquarium

Product Description

Mygos LED Aqua Light Plant Plus luminaires do not contain blue LEDs and provide excellent results for planted aquariums. It is produced from Pink Full Spectrum, White Full Spectrum and White color LED diodes, which are in warmer colors for plant growth.

With the Plant Plus model, SMD High LED fixtures specially prepared for freshwater aquarium plants, a long-lasting product has been created. It is specially prepared for freshwater plants and creatures. It is a suitable lighting for all freshwater plants. It is prepared in a way that supports the growth of all plants, including plants that need high light such as ground plants.
It plays a major role in the photosynthesis and development of plants. It easily meets the light needs of plant-intensive aquariums.

The Plant Plus luminaires are products that can be used easily in glass to glass and other furnished aquariums, taking into account the long side of the aquarium. There are extendable stainless steel wires on both sides of the LED lighting fixture body. There are two types of stainless steel wires, high and short. In the standard product delivery, the product is delivered with high wires illuminating at a height of 8 cm when placed on the aquarium.

The Plant Plus fixture can be easily cleaned with its stylish aluminum gray case. There is a special steam glass in the aquarium to prevent the evaporating water from damaging the LED diodes. The LED fixture comes with a standard plug-in adapter. With the help of the control on the adapter, the light intensity can be adjusted in 3 levels. Simple settings are available so that only white or pink or all colors work at the same time.


Technıcal Specıfıcatıons

Technıcal Specıfıcatıons

Description Power (Watt) Body Length (Cm) Armature Length(Cm) Dimensions (L x W x H)(Cm) Compatible Aquarium Length(Cm) LED Lifespan (Hour)
Plant+ 25 17 W 20 Cm 25 Cm 25×7.69×1.96 25–35 Cm ≥ 50.000
Plant+ 45 30 W 40 Cm 45 Cm 45×7.69×1.96 45–55 Cm ≥ 50.000
Plant+ 65 43 W 60 Cm 65 Cm 65×7.69×1.96 65–75 Cm ≥ 50.000
Plant+ 85 55 W 80 Cm 85 Cm 85×7.69×1.96 85–95 Cm ≥ 50.000
Plant+ 105 69 W 100 Cm 105 Cm 105×7.69×1.96 105–115 Cm ≥ 50.000

Product Features

• Full spectrum sunlight for photosynthesis.
• Advanced LED technology specially prepared for freshwater plants.
• Suitable for all kinds of freshwater aquariums.
• Changes are made between the intensity of the light and the colors with the control aid on the adapter.
• The aluminum casing will give the aquarium a stylish look.
• Stainless steel wires that can be extended left and right.
• All lengths of products specific to aquarium sizes are produced.